lördag 30 september 2017

Lav has given birth

The night to 14/9  Lava gave birth to 7 puppies, trefemales and four males. They are now 16 days old , they have opened their eyes and started to walk. There is still one male unreserved. If you are interested please send an e-mail or call us.

The last two weeks we have had a workaway-girl from Tjeckien with us. She was fantastic and did a really good work helping us with the dogs and especially taking care of Lava and her puppies.

Tired puppies, red male and orange female

Yellow female

Blue female

Purple male

Orange female

Sälka, the Tjeckien girl Lenka, Håkan and Birk




Sälka & Birk
Lenka tried the kickbike with Aijas and Arija

onsdag 2 augusti 2017

Excellent statistics of hips of the breeding dogs of Bielkersmils kennel

Today, the result of the Swedish dog Association (SKK) on HD-X-ray came from the three last X-ray dogs.

Bielkersmils MeetMe or Nallo aka Mieto, Bielkersmils Moss of Nallo aka Moss and Bielkersmils Karelin of Nallo aka Charlie - all with score grade A. At present we have x-rayed 25 dogs, all of whom have grown up on the kennel, all with free hips. An outstandingly good result, considering that over 20% of the HD X-ray samoyed dogs in the Nordic region have HD poorer than B.

In studies it has been shown that you can influence the development of the dog's hip joint status by up to 85% by offering a good environment. This article contains many great tips and information about HD issues.




lördag 29 juli 2017

Puppies are expected in september

More information will soon be found at "Puppyinfo"

If you are ingterested in a puppy please contact us at

e-mail: bielkersmil@gmail.com


telephone: +46700405267

måndag 3 juli 2017

Two male puppies still available

There are still two male puppies available from Kallas´litter. Please call or send an email if you are inerested.
phone nr. +4670045267
E-mail: bielkersmil@gmail.com